Water is the lifeblood of gardening and a sure means of growing your investment in a water wise manner. The Growing Business will assess your garden and take a number of aspects into account before designing a customised irrigation solution. Most importantly, water conservation is top of mind, while other considerations would include:

  • Type of soil
  • Amount of sun and shade
  • Average temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Storm water harvesting opportunities
  • Topography of the garden
  • Amount of ground cover
  • Types of plants used
  • And more.

Once these aspects have been carefully considered, an irrigation system is designed to exactly suit the water requirements of your garden and your lifestyle. These systems can be manual or automated for convenience, but our systems always boast responsible water usage and optimised irrigation.

The irrigation process at The Growing Business includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of the landscape and requirements of the client
  • Professional system design
  • Simulation of the system to analyse the inflow and distribution of the water supply
  • Client approval of the system and budget
  • Site preparation and trench digging
  • Certified professionals install the system using quality guaranteed irrigation products from approved manufacturers
  • Warranties, maintenance schedules, replacement of parts and aftercare options

Water Features
The Growing Business uses water features in landscaping designs to create tranquility and soft background noise to enhance a garden’s natural feel. Our team has vast experience in the design, construction and installation of pumping and reticulation systems for formal and natural water features, as well as waterproofing and lighting requirements.

Water features are client specific and may include:

  • Rock pools and waterfalls
  • Babbling streams
  • Ponds and wishing wells
  • Fountains