The Growing Business offers various maintenance options and service level agreements that achieve pre-determined requirements both within residential and commercial gardens. We pride ourselves on our superior service and the quality, professionalism and efficiency of our maintenance teams.

All landscaped areas require maintenance, both the soft and hard aspects. On-going maintenance is the key to obtaining maximum value from your garden.

Our maintenance activities are broad and can be scheduled on a regular basis to suit each client’s requirements and budget. These activities encompass:

  • General pruning and trimming
  • Weeding and weed prevention
  • Mulching
  • Nourishment (fertilizer, manure, top dressing and compost application)
  • Pest control
  • Disease prevention, identification and remedy
  • Lawn maintenance, leveling and mowing
  • Scarifying of lawns
  • Maintain (sweeping, raking leaves, refuse removal)
  • Planting schedule for annual seedlings and bulbs
  • Irrigation system and timing checks
  • Water feature evaluation and maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Tree felling, surgery and pruning
  • General hard landscape checks (cracks in pavements or walling, electrical fence functionality, etc.)

Restoring gardens
Over time, gardens change, grow and often lose their original shape. The Growing Business can assist you regain your garden’s original design and freshness with a few effective activities:

  • Trim and prune
  • Relocate plants
  • Cut back shrubs, hedges and overgrowth
  • Redefine lines and flowerbeds
  • Nourish the soil with treatments